Business Division Micro Motor

Business Division
Micro Motor

Customer Clusters

FDM Mirco motors are delivered throughout the country and exported to overseas incl. Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other regions. We provide international companies such as SINGER, JOHNSON, TTI, SBD, BROTHER, JANOME, and Nippon Precision with various motors. Our products cover multiple series and varieties of micro motors, including DC, AC, and BLDC. The production volumn of multifunctional household sewing machine motors produced by Founder Motor ranks among the top in the world, with a global market share of 85%.



High pressure washer motor—81#AC

Household wireless vacuum cleaner motor—70#AC

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner motor—70#AC

Electric drill motor—48#BLDC

Household wireless vacuum cleaner motor—40#BLDC

Electric wrench motor—38#BLDC

Outdoor garden electric tool motor—900#DC

Floor brush motor for household vacuum cleaner—800#DC

Household sewing machines and electric tool motors—700#HVDC

R & D and Manufacturing

Business Division micro motor has over 20 years' of experience in motor research and production

Business Division micro motor have built up long-term cooperative relationships with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and Xi'an Jiaotong University. We are fully capable to conduct product research and development according to customer requirements which following worldwide leading technologies.

FDM has mature development methodology of soft- and hardwares as well as electromagnet, is able to provide CAE analysis, computer-aided analysis and FMEA analysis, which can significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness of product development progress. Miniaturization, intelligentization and high efficiency of micro motors are the main requirements from future market and are key advantages of FMD as well.

With high-level product quality, outstanding cost-effectiveness and fast response, FDM has gained consistent recognition from domestic and international customers.

FDM utilizes SAP as the enterprise operation management system

FDM traces production data through MES, strictly controls quality and enhances batch traceability with QMS, enables supplier management and evaluation with SRM.

FDM is equipped with advanced automatic stator lines, rotor lines, and semi-automatic assembly lines in China and Vietnam. Our products cover various motors for electric tools and vacuum cleaner with stator outer diameter ranging from 35mm to 100mm, while the power can cover requirements from 60W to 1200W. Professional engineering and quality teams are key factors to enable FDM to meet various customers' requirements.