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FDM kicked off future factory MOM system project





FDM Future Factory MOM System Project Launch

Recently, Zhejiang Founder Motor Co., Ltd. signed a future factory MOM system project with relevant partners. The project includes: MES production and manufacturing management, WMS storage management, QMS quality management, EAM equipment management, LIMS laboratory management, IOT data acquisition, AR&VR Predictive maintenance, digital twins, BI Big data management platform, etc.

At the project kickoff meeting, Dr. Niu Mingkui, General Manager of FDM, delivered a speech, stating that in recent years, digital intelligent manufacturing has become increasingly strong. FDM has gone through more than ten years of hard work and has achieved some results, but there is still room for improvement. Therefore, it is necessary to continue moving forward in the direction of digital intelligent manufacturing.

The comprehensive upgrade of FDM's digital system will better assist FDM in launching an impact on the future factory and lighthouse factory goals, striving to achieve collaborative optimization of production, supply, and sales, connect lean and digital work methods, establish digital management mechanisms, and create endogenous digital capabilities.

The project teams of both parties will immediately and fully carry out the project implementation after the project kickoff meeting, strictly control the project progress, from project preparation, blueprint research, demand research, project implementation to online operation and maintenance, to ensure the successful implementation of the project.