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FDM’s 1st Off-Tooling-Sample of G3.2 stator assembly rolled off the production line for NIO





On March 16, 2023, Founder Motor (Deqing) Co. Ltd. held the first offline event of Off-Tooling-Sample of G3.2 stator assembly for NIO.

Mr. Wang Jianfeng, Deputy Secretary of the Deqing County Party Committee, and Dr. Niu Mingkui, General Manager of Zhejiang Founder Motor Co., Ltd., along with customer representatives from NIO, as well as all employees of Founder Motor (Deqing) Co., Ltd., attended the event.

Ulran Power Drive Motor Assembly OTS First Piece Offline

"The product has been tested as qualified and therefore could roll off line!" At about 2:40 p.m., with the unveiling of the red silk, the first product of a brand new G3.2 stator assembly for NIO was displayed in front of everyone, marking that Founder Motor (Deqing) Co. Ltd. No. 1 Ultimate Factories officially entered the stage of mass production, which is also an important milestone after Founder Motor (Deqing) Co. Ltd. settled in Deqing.

The automated round-wire stator manufacturing equipment used in today's offline products is at an international leading level, with over 70% of workstations being automated and unmanned. The paint dripping equipment robot enables multiple processes to be fully automated and unmanned.

Dr. Niu Mingkui gave a detailed introduction to the international status of the product and production line, and looked forward to the company's future development. The customer representative of NIO highly recognizes the capabilities demonstrated by Founder Motor in the project and industrial development process, and puts forward positive expectations for the cooperation between both parties.

In the future, the company will fully promote the research and development of drive motor for E-mobility and an excellent operating system, and work together with our customers to "Drive the world forward"!

Ulran Power Drive Motor Assembly OTS First Piece Offline